Knox Medical today ushers in a new era of medicine for the state of Florida, sending out its first batch of medical cannabis deliveries to qualified patients.

With plans underway to open locations in Lake Worth and four other cities, Knox Medical is among the first companies approved by the Florida Department of Health to dispense medical cannabis and the plant’s low-THC variety.

“Knox Medical is producing superior quality medicinal cannabis, and our mission is focused on putting the needs and interests of patients first,” said Knox Medical CEO Jose Hidalgo. “At every stage in this process, from cultivation to dispensing at our medical facility, from engaging physicians and guiding patients throughout this process to building first-in-class dispensaries throughout Florida, our objective at Knox Medical is to exceed the definition of excellence at every level.”

Friday’s deliveries will be shipped from a nursery in Winter Garden, a suburb of the Orlando metro area, to a patient in the Central Florida town of St. Cloud. Patients in South Florida are expected to receive their deliveries the following week.

Knox Medical is one among many Florida businesses poised to benefit from the expected economic impact of medical cannabis.

Estimates outlined by a September Miami-Dade County Commission report project annual medical cannabis sales in the “Southern Region” — made up by Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe and Martin counties — to reach nearly $300 million.

Annual sales could generate as much as $124.5 million in Miami-Dade County alone.

And it isn’t just dispensaries set to rake it in now that Amendment 2 has passed with a super-majority among Florida voters.

A medical marijuana business networking group at Kelley Kronenberg’s West palm Beach office revealed the breadth of the nascent industry, said Howard Wander, who heads the law firm’s regulated substances practice group.

“There were contractors who build out commercial spaces, to marketing companies, data companies, doctors, private equity firms … It’s a multibillion-dollar industry,” he said. “These aren’t potheads. These are business people with extreme ability to contribute money and make money.”
Dec 9, 2016

Debora Lima
South Florida Business Journal

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